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Dear CFA Society NC Members:
I am honored and excited to serve as your board president for the next term. This will be my fifth year participating on the board. I began as the regional director of Charlotte for two years, then moved into the vice president/programming chair position. Given my prior experience and having worked closely with our outgoing president, Mark Paccione, I believe I am well-equipped to lead the board.

A strong group of individuals comprises our executive board, as outlined below. There is a mix of new and old faces with each individual bringing a diverse experience, contributing to the board’s collaborative strategizing and ultimate delivery for the membership.

Brittany Priester, CFA

Pedro Bernal, CFA

Cynthia P. Bush, CFA

Matthew K. Underwood, CFA, CAIA

Matthew K. Underwood, CFA, CAIA

View new executive board for CFA Society North Carolina

The new board kickoff will begin with an all-day strategic planning session in early August. We look forward to sharing the board’s new strategic plan with you as it will provide a roadmap and set expectations for the next few years.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to any board member or staff with constructive feedback. The board’s sole purpose is to serve CFANC members, and so feedback is always welcome. I speak for all board members when I say that we hope to exceed your expectations over the coming term.

All the best,
Brittany Priester, CFABoard President, CFANC

Brittany Priester, CFA