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This year CFA Society North Carolina celebrates its 50th anniversary with pride and gratitude.  Our Society has grown from a small group of investment professionals with a mutual interest in investments, to our status today as the premier resource for finance and investment professionals in the region, and a leader among CFA Institute societies worldwide.  Throughout our history, members past and present have shared a common purpose—to build a better finance and investment profession.  Today the Society hosts over sixty events per year and attracts globally renowned speakers.  With membership surpassing one thousand-four hundred, our Society is at an all-time high.  Then and now, our Society has contributed to the development of the investment profession by promoting high ethical and professional standards, educating investment professionals, and putting investors first.

Our parent organization, CFA Institute, aspires to build and to lead the investment management profession. To do this it must do more than prepare and continuously educate highly competent professionals to operate at the cutting edge of their profession. CFA Institute must also build partnerships with institutions to raise standards of practice and aptitude at all levels of the industry—and continue to stand together for what is right, and in investors’ best interests. This means leading the conversation on policy, research, standards, and industry change, and equipping members to manage and impact industry practice wherever they serve. CFA Societies like CFA Society North Carolina are connecting the profession to its clients at the local level and proving our value to them by putting their interests at the forefront of everything we do.

CFA Institute empowers all CFA Societies to achieve our common mission and amplify our impact around the world. As we commit to and advance these priorities, we are confident that this pursuit will deliver tangible long-term benefits for the professionals we represent, the investors we serve, and the society we aim to benefit.  Working together, we can build a better investment management industry and capital markets that truly serve investors.  Accordingly, CFA Society North Carolina has prospered over the last fifty years.  We send the heartiest thank you to you, our members, and all past Presidents whose leadership paved the way for today’s success.  We look forward to the next fifty years to promote high ethical and professional standards, educating investment professionals, and always putting investors first in North Carolina.

Sheri Gillette