Our officers and board members are experienced professionals in the field


Mark Paccione, CFA, CFP, BFA

Brittany Priester, CFA

Pedro Bernal, CFA

Paige Henderson, CFA, CPA, CFP

Sheri Gillette

Executive Director
Sheri Gillette

Contact Us

Contact Us

Committee Chairs

Candidate Outreach
Xinxin Liu, CFA, FRM

Adam Haller, CFA

Sheri Gillette

Outlook Dinner
Andrew Gradus, CFA

Brittany Priester, CFA

Research Challenge
Adam Morgan, CFA

Pedro Bernal, CFA

University Relations
Bobby Lamy, PhD, CFA

Board of Directors

Adam Haller, CFA
Adam Morgan, CFA
Andrew Gradus, CFA
Bobby Lamy, PhD, CFA
Clint Sorenson, CFA, CMT
Ranjit Thomas, CFA
Joyner Edmundson, CFA, CPA
Xinxin Liu, CFA, FRM
Steve Miller, CFA, CFP

Advisory Board

Andrea Szigethy
Angela Moss
Ashby Watts, CFA
Christopher Pavese, CFA
Clint Sorenson, CFA
Daryl Bible, CFA
Gene Hoots
Greg Beuris, CFA
Jim Dunn

John Mebane, CFA
John Simms PhD, CFA
Judson Russell PhD, CFA
Linsey Lebowitz Hughes
Mark McNabb PhD, CFA
Mark Paccione, CFA, CFP, BFA
Mark Roberts, CFA
Mark Spaulding, CFA
Mark Yusko

Past Presidents

William R. Ludwick   1970-1971
William P. Raiford Jr.   1972-1973
H. Vernon Winters, CFA   1973-1974
George A. Garey Jr.   1974-1975
James A. Clark   1975-1976
M. Carlyle Kinlaw Jr., CFA   1976-1977
Edward C. McMillan III   1977-1978
Frank R. Hooper   1978-1979
Dianne D. Cobb, CFA   1979-1980
Glenn I. Williamson, CFA   1980-1981
Edward Eloy Doolan   1981-1982
R. Hatten Hodges Jr., CFA   1982-1983
John G. Mebane Jr., CFA   1983-1984
M. Campbell Cawood, CFA   1984-1985
P. Lawrence Wingate, CFA   1985-1986
Marc J. Durica, CFA   1986-1987
Richard W. McEnally, CFA   1987-1988
David B. Gilbert, CFA   1988-1989
Joel A. Millikan, CFA 1989-1990
William H. McLean 1990-1991

Glenn Andrews, CFA   1992-1993
Malcolm M. Trevillian, CFA   1993-1994
David Estes Webb, CFA   1994-1996
B. Kemp Dolliver, CFA   1996-1997
Robert E. Pike, CFA   1997-1998
Michael J. Gaona, CFA   1998-2000
James E. McDonald Jr., CFA   2000-2001
Erin Plowden Leonard, CFA   2001-2002
Robert F. Millikan, CFA   2002-2003
Kevin M. Kuuskvere, CFA   2003-2004
Barbara B. Shyloski, CFA   2004-2005
T. Ashby Watts IV, CFA   2005-2006
Mark A. Spaulding, CFA   2006-2007
Brad F. Dalton, CFA 2007-2008
Vance L. Horner II, CFA 2008-2010
Christopher R. Pavese, CFA  2010-2012
Chris Aprill, CFA 2012-2014
John Maddison, CFA 2014-2016
Clint Sorenson, CFA 2016-2019


At CFA Society North Carolina, our top priority is always the health and safety of our employees, members, candidates, and stakeholders for the areas we serve.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak remains a very fluid situation, and please be assured that we are monitoring the effects to health, safety, and travel mobility.  We seek to make decisions that: prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved; are informed by data; are fair and equitable in their treatment of all concerned parties; and that are viable and sustainable. We understand that this remains a stressful and trying situation, and we ask for your understanding as we seek to make decisions in a timely and well-informed manner.