Global Economic Risks and Rewards

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Yesterday, CFA Society North Carolina hosted Alejandra Grindal who is Senior International Economist for Ned Davis Research Group.  The discussion focused on the Global Economic Risks and Rewards. She assessed the global business cycle and what the COVID-19 recession means for the economy and your investments.  In addition to the pandemic, Alejandra discussed what are the most significant macro risks we’re facing, such as the upcoming U.S. elections and long-term concerns, such as demographics and debt.  Lastly, she weighed the risks and rewards of the world’s major countries and regions—namely, the United States, China, and Europe.

Speaker Bio

Alejandra Grindal is the Senior International Economist for Ned Davis Research Group. She is the primary person in charge of the firm’s global economic outlook, and is responsible for identifying global economic trends and themes, particularly as they relate to developments in equity, fixed income, commodity, and currency markets. In recent years, Alejandra has been particularly focused on global demographics and labor force trends, China’s economic transition, and Japan’s lost decade. She joined Ned Davis Research Group in 2006.

Alejandra is a member of the National Association for Business Economics, where she is cochair of the International Roundtable. She is a frequent speaker at professional and investment conferences and her work has been cited in the financial media.

Prior to joining Ned Davis Research Group, Alejandra taught Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at Florida State University during her graduate studies, and then worked as a full-time professor at Santa Fe College and Edison College. Alejandra also worked in British Parliament as a research assistant, where she participated in policy and constituent research and campaign marketing.

Alejandra received her Masters degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and International Affairs, with summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa distinction, from Florida State University.

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