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Members Only-Private Wealth Round Table

Jan 26, 2021 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

Walking Through the ‘60/40’ into 2021 

A Virtual Round Table Discussion for

Investment Professionals with an Interest in Private Wealth Management

As we leave 2020 in the rear-view mirror and prepare for the opportunities and risks of managing portfolios in 2021 and beyond, join other CFA NC members with an interest in Private Wealth Management in discussing this top of mind topic: asset allocation themes and considerations in the context of the new year. Come network with established friends and meet new contacts; be prepared to share your thoughts and expand the discussion. The format provides a robust discussion among professional colleagues rather than a formal presentation.
Each breakout room will consist of 10-20 individuals with a pre-designated moderator to facilitate a worthwhile group discussion. The moderators will recap the individual breakout discussions when we get back together as one large group. Our goal is to provide an ongoing forum to advance the NC PWM community thought leadership and the exchange of ideas. Help us make it a success. 

This Round Table Event will focus on three topics: 

1)      Equities—What changes to your underlying equity exposure are you favoring to best serve your clients? We will debate positioning / potential rotation between US vs. International, Large vs. Small Cap, Growth vs. Value Style, Weighting, and Factor Strategies. 

2)      Fixed Income—What are you doing with the “40%” of the allocation equation as rates approach 0%? Accepting low/negative real returns? Reaching for yield or dropping the “fixed” in a search for income? Pursuing alternative assets, if so what and how? 

3)      Capital Market Assumptions—What returns do you consider appropriate for client financial plans over the next 10-years? How are you communicating these changes to clients? What challenges are you facing in the COVID era environment relating to planning?