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Fintech Series-Artificial Intelligence: The New World of Asset Management

Jan 14, 2021 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

Artificial intelligence has begun to revolutionize the practice of asset management. In pursuit of alpha, asset managers have expanded the corpora of algorithms, data, and implementation techniques. AI has improved portfolio management through better price discovery, risk management, transactional speed and efficiency, adherence to compliance, and more. AI also has helped to limit the deleterious effects of human bias in investment decision making.

Approaches to AI vary as widely as the range of techniques applied in both financial and non-finance fields. In asset management, for example, AI can take the form of deep learning, explainable AI (“XAI”), and fundamental AI. These techniques have the power to create a new world of asset management, with new products and solutions that do not fit within standard or traditional asset class constructs.

Investors have many questions for AI asset managers: How are AI techniques and products different? Where are humans involved, if at all? Are AI managers bringing something more to the table than alpha? Does AI require additional investment governance? Does AI introduce conflicts or biases of its own?

Our team of panelists is working on the leading edge of AI in asset management, each in a different way. Moderating the panel is Lilian Quah, CFA, a leading voice in AI asset management. Lilian will help to address investors’ issues and questions in a conversation about the technical, ethical, and transformative power of AI in asset management.

$5 CFANC Members (use discount code: 2021FintechNC)

$20 Guests

In conjunction with CFA Society Los Angeles