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CFA Society North Carolina is excited to see progress on diversity and inclusion.  See an informative report and listen to recent podcasts on this important topic from around the world.

The (Financial) Future is Female

According to a recent S&P Global report, women’s control of investible wealth is on the rise, possibly reaching $72 trillion dollars worldwide in 2020.  The ramifications are clear: Women’s influence as investors in global financial markets—and, by extension, national economies—has grown substantially, and will continue to do so.  In this light, it’s critically important to consider the approach women take to their finances and the issues they care most about.  Read this comprehensive and insightful report below.

F3 Podcast

From Australia comes a superb initiative called F3 which stands for Future Females in Finance.  Established in 2017, this program is specifically designed to encourage young women to embark upon a career in financial services.  Listen to their exciting podcasts for tips, insights, and great stories from successful women in finance. 

Check out other podcasts here:  Podcast — F3 – Future Females in Finance (

Pedro Bernal, CFA | Anne Rogers