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Focus on solutions, not failures to solve the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenge.  This exciting meeting brought together leading executives, Dennis Johnson, CFA, Former Chief Strategy Officer for Public Investment Fund for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ernie Dawal, CFA, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Truist Advisory Services, Inc and Tina Byles Williams, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Xponance, to tell us what works. 

While powerful social and political forces abound, it is difficult to keep an emphasis on solutions.  There is no silver bullet.  No single solution.  Yet, Dennis guided the panel to talk about their success stories, effective career strategies and how all constituents can partner to lead your organization into the future.  In nature and business, diversity is strongly linked to the productivity of an ecosystem and its ability to provide multiple functions and services.

Brittany Priester, CFA | Anne Rogers